Malmgren Hochenheim Update

Seems its not our year this year, we started season on beeing the fastest car , and made fastest run in Pro stock all year, but at Hochenheim we had clucth issues and I could clutch out and couldnt get it out of gear that resulted in motor braking, and that killed one rod bearing , and one rod gave up.
So we had to put in our 2 years old back up engine built by Bob Ingles that we had some great succes with in earlier years but probably not as fast as our Gray engine. As we got hit with rain we never got any chance to dial it in in qualifying and had to guess some for E 1.
Too much clucth put me in strong tire shake , too bad as I had him with 0.05 sec on tree so it would be an easy win, but now we gave it away to Robin Noren, that also got a by run in semi due to Ljungdahl broke his wheeliebar , and went straight to finals. That was where we was supposed to be and by that lokked up nr 2 spot in Championship. Now we are still nr 2 but Ljungdahl is only 10 points behind us, so we have to fight hard at Tierp where we probabaly will have the strongest Pro stock field ever with low bump spot , probably takes a low 6.60 to get in
But we have the power to run faster then that , but it will be tight and very close racing.
We have not given up yet , we will give it all we have and some more