Cruz Pedregon–Brainerd Advance

NHRA® Team Report
NHRA® Nationals – Brainerd
Pre-Race Report

After a trio of solid, low three-second runs, Cruz Pedregon and team are preparing for Brainerd with a win in mind. “As a team, we’re confident in how the Snap-on Funny Car is performing on the track, and we’re working hard to maximize every opportunity to showcase what the car and this team can do,” Cruz says. “In my career, I’ve seen what making the most of every session can do when it comes to earning Countdown points, and we’re ready to move up into that Top 10 spot.”

For an extra event to tune and run the Snap-on Dodge® at this critical point in the season, Cruz and team participated in the popular Night Under Fire® in Norwalk before heading to Brainerd.

“The car is running so well right now, and we’re looking forward to making it the best it can be for Cruz to earn the points needed in the next couple of NHRA races to secure a Countdown spot,” says crew chief Glen Huszar.

“Even as we focus on racing and standings, it’s been important to me as someone whose family is originally from El Paso to send my thoughts to the residents, friends and family I still have there. And one of our team members is from Dayton, another place that’s been on our minds and hearts this week and will continue to be,” Cruz said. “Heading to Brainerd, where so many great NHRA fans come out and create such a lively atmosphere, will be uplifting. The fans there were terrific encouragers at the start of a winning streak we had back in ’92 when I won my first championship. And, we’re looking forward to a positive weekend ahead for everyone at the track and watching on and FOX.”