Update from Michael Malmgren

I am very proud to inform that this weekend we went all the way, running faster and faster every run , and at the end of the day we where the winner.
We started of Friday with nr 2 qualifyer with 6,595, missing nr 1 spot with 3 thousands, my mistake as I klicked it to early. On Saturday we ran about the same but Lindström with Allen Jonsson engines ran 6,58 and Ernryd with also Allen Jonsson ( same engine that won Pomona as last carburated race in Pro stock) run 6,56 and both Bengt Ljungdahl ( gray power) and Jimmy Ålund ( KB power) run 6,54 so we ended up nr 5 qualifyer which we where not pleased with.

After valuated everything we found one big problem with help from our super tuner Tomi Laine crew cheif at Skillman Motorsport also running Gray power with succes, and that was in clutch linkage .
We fixed that together with some other small things issues we had and first run on Saturday against nr 4 car Tomas Lindström we got a much more nice read out and hole tune up package looked much better.
We took the stripe first on a tight race running 6.60 against Lindström 6,64, both with same reaction time. Nice thing for us in E1 was that our friend Magnus Pettersson running an older Bob Ingles engine raced nr 1 qualifyer Bengt Ljungdahl and beat him on hole shut, Bengt running 6,62 and Magnus running 6,67 but with only 0,005 reaction he took the checker flag first, good for us as now we passed Bengt in points and now we faced Magnus in Semi, so we felt pretty comfortable to be abel to reach the finals, So we did another 6.59 and Magnus shoke of the line , but as I had a 0,02 reaction he couldnt reach us anyway.
On the other half of ladder Stefan Ernryd did his job and in semi he beat Jimmy Ålund in a tight race running 6,60 against Ålund 6,62.
So we faced Ernryd in finals but he had lane choice and left lane was very bad Saturday and very tricky so he picked right lane. But we made the right call we knew that would be the case and tuned for that, dropping the leave short shifting trying to get by it and we did running another good ET with 6,621 against Ernryds 6,648 , even if he red lighted, but we had a 0,03 light so he couldnt catsch up anyway
What makes us feel very optimistic is that on Saturday we where 6 hundreds away from Ålund and Ljungdahl, then weather changed for Sunday and we went from 1400 ft air to 2600 ft corrected air so all cars slowed donw about 0,5 sec on Saturday but we run the same as on Friday in 1200 ft worse air, now running on race day same as Ålund and Ljungdahl, actually we where the fastest Pro stock car on raceday every run.
So we feel we have made a move closer to the top runners for shure and will be able to give them a good fight for the Title, now we moved up to nr 2 spot only 19 points away from nr 1 Stefan Ernryd.
This would not be possible for me without the support from all of you, so I must say I am very proud for my team for what we did ashive this weekend, and big thanks to all at Gray Motorsport for giving me the power it takes to run this numbers, and special thanks to Bob Ingles that have given my the power and supported me all this years that kept me in top 3 in Championship over the years and with 3 Championship titles, lets now hope we can go for another one more.
I never mailed out report from Santa Pod Uk last weekend in May yet, as we struggled with all kind of issues running our new engine, new ignition system etc
We did run Ok but only 4 cars showed up , and we lost first round against Stefan Ernryd that ran 6,60 against our 6,66.
This first race of the year normally only the cars running for the Championship title will show up, and some teams was not ready , waiting for their engines from US etc
Nr 1 qualifyer this race Bengt Ljubngdahl ( last yeas Pro stock Champion) took a big red light this race and was out first round also, good for us.
Next stop is in 2 ½ weeks at Alastaro Finland, tricky track that we always had good succes on, lets hope that continue.