Cruz Pedregon Houston Preview

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NHRA Spring Nationals – Houston
Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team will debut a new Snap-on Toyota chassis in Houston that will run full-time after this weekend. “It’s a terrific opportunity for us to have a fresh car on a track that’s been good to us in the past,” Pedregon says. “We always enjoy the races here in Texas. Since we’ve won here at Royal Purple three times before, the plan is to make it a nice even four wins.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We made a couple of test runs with the new chassis before we left Las Vegas, and we like what we were able to accomplish. We’re looking forward to great results this weekend.”

Cruz spent some time in Houston visiting Snap-on franchise customers and doing media interviews before Friday’s qualifying rounds.

On the side of Cruz’s car this week –
If you’ll check the side of Cruz’s car this week, you’ll see the name of local Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Ryan Kasper. Ryan has had his Snap-on franchise business since 1995 and says his interest started with a borrowed wrench. He needed something that would take a bolt off his four-wheeler, and his neighbor loaned him a Snap-on tool. Ryan also had two great uncles who sold Snap-on products, so the brand has long been a part of his family tree. He says he enjoys coming to the track and that “there’s nothing like the smell of nitro in the stands.”