Latest News from Monster Jam World Finals XIX:

Latest News from Monster Jam World Finals XIX:
Today, we unveiled our latest secret project to the world – bringing the legendary Taurus name back into competition! While we did not formally announce yet that it will be competing at select Monster Jam events in the spring, we are building even more anticipation for its official announcement on Saturday afternoon.

We also bought our recently restored Taurus III out for display, to be parked alongside the newest Taurus truck.

Our social media presence has increased drastically ever since our first posting today at 12:00pm EST! The first post received the most likes, comments, shares, and traffic we’ve ever gotten on our Facebook page naturally (without paying to advertise)! We’ve received hundreds of new followers in less than 12 hours simply based off of 3 posts. Our social media platforms are now even more on the map thanks to this special project!
Tomorrow night, Matt Cody and Mike Vaters II will be competing for their respective championships. Vaters Motorsports could potentially win a Double Down Showdown and World Racing Championship in one night! Don’t miss a second of the action through our social media updates!