Latest News from Monster Jam World Finals XIX

Latest News from Monster Jam World Finals XIX:
The last World Finals ever at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV has officially wrapped up and it was nothing short of wild. Unfortunately for Vaters Motorsports, 2018 was simply not our year to bring home another championship.

Matt Cody and Blue Thunder (Double Down Showdown)
Matt took Blue Thunder into the Double Down Showdown racing bracket as the favorite to win his race against Kayla Blood in El Toro Loco. Though he led the entire race through Thunder Alley, the straight away, and the turn, exiting the turn he slapped against the center dirt ramp and caused him to lift from the throttle which allowed Blood to drive around and take the win. Matt’s night ended early but the truck was performing at 100%, and his race was the only upset of round one.


Mike Vaters II and Overkill Evolution (World Finals)
A damaged starter caused the 2015 world freestyle champ to miss the racing bracket, the first time that Overkill Evolution has missed the call to the line at the biggest event in the world. With pent-up frustration, Mikey went into freestyle with blistering momentum, big air, and a run that had potential to take the lead. An awkward landing into another obstacle caused a front steering line to blow out at the fitting, ending his run early. He finished 27th with a score of 4.409 out of 10 points.