GenRight Racing 2017 Wrapup

Here is a recap on GenRight’s 2017 season:
· King of the Hammers and Ultra4 Off-Road Racing:

GenRight is on the podium at the toughest single day race in the world (King of the Hammers, aka: KOH).
Ultra4 is growing its racers and fans for over 11 years now.
50,000 onsite spectators for KOH alone.
404 media accredited sources to cover KOH race week.
Live feed from remote desert race course to over 4M viewers.
Lots more faithful fans worldwide.
· High Visibility Team:

Featured in Television coverage, 12 episodes on NBC Sports Network in 2017.
Featured in Commercials watched by 4M on Live online feed during races.
Featured in race footage on Ultra4 and King of the Hammers (and others) social media.
Professionally wrapped RV and vehicles with your logo’s on them.
Brightly colored and matching team apparel for that professional appearance.
Prime placement in race pits and at events.
· Very Competitive Team:

Jordan easily wins Fallon 250 race.
Jordan runs another 250 miles to qualify for the 2018 KOH race.
Jordan won the Holley LSfest in Vegas.
Jordan won the Stampede race.
Jordan should be the Series Points Champion (projected for 2017).
· Well Established Team:

Over $1M in assets in place (vehicles, trailers, spares, etc.).
3 cars are driven by Father and his 2 sons.
Dedicated 35-person team.
Professional image and well spoken.
Well respected by other racers and sanctioning body.
Featured as a spokesperson for other companies in the industry.
· Cars in 3 different Racing Classes:

4400 (Unlimited) Tony
4500 (Modified) Jordan
UTV (Unlimited) Jami
· Active on Social Media (as a company and drivers):

GenRight Website:
GenRight Racing:
Ultra4 Racing:
King of the Hammers:
· Produce our Own Content:

We are active and visible at off road events across the country.
This activity produces a constant flow of new pictures and videos.
2 full time people to manage Social Media and Forums.
Content is available to be used by our marketing partners & sponsors.
Can produce and edit product endorsement videos.
Can supply photos of products installed and in use.
Available to be at sponsor events or trade shows.