Brenda Grubbs Motorsports “The Time Slip”

Brenda Grubbs Motorsports “The Time Slip”
Volume 6, Issue 3 April 2017

Race Updates
At the Belle Rose NHRA Divisional we went to the third round in the Super Stocker and the final round in the Stocker. It was a rare AA/SA heads up final where we came up short. Interestingly enough, it was our second heads up in Stock at the event. Running two cars gets busy and thankfully our engine builder, Allen Sherman
was on hand to help get the car ready. We did what we could to prepare the car before having to head to the staging lanes to run Super Stock. When we got back to our pits, it looked like a NASCAR pit as we had 5 people working on the car. Thankfully, Brenda did her job on the starting line and won the round, beating her opponent in a big hole shot.

We didn’t have any luck at the Houston National event, loosing first round in
both cars. A nice picture of the Super Stocker was posted on Drag Race Central.
The Dallas Divisional was a break through race for the Super Stocker as we finally
got the tire spin under control. Eliminations brought a 30 degree temperature
change from qualifying. Taking air changes into account the car was dialed well.
However, the car really hooked and came out of the hole like a bullet. Even though
a huge amount of ET/MPH were scrubbed we still broke out more than our opponent. This was the first confirmation we had overcome the Super Stocker tire spin that had been plaguing us. We did
better in Stock, getting to the third round where we met another AA/SA. Brenda had the light and the performance however the car was set up a bit too aggressively with the tire pressure and spun at the launch.
April was a good month and in Stock we are currently #3 in Division 4.

National Dragster-Travels with Brenda
The column featuring Stock Eliminator driver Allison Smyth was published in the April 21, 2017 issue of National Dragster. One additional article has been submitted and two more are already in process. It’s been great to hear how much the racers enjoy the articles and appreciate the publicity for Sportsman drivers.

Hero Card and Pictures
Our new hero car should be ready any day now. You will receive one in the mail. We continue to make updates to our
website and now have both cars on the front page. Included with this Time Slip email is a high resolution picture of each car.
Upcoming Races
Atlanta National Event May 5-7, Topeka National Event May 19-21, Great Bend Divisional Event Jun 2-4