Scelzi Selected for Origin of Speed Event to Open Three Straight Races at Valvoline Raceway

Scelzi Selected for Origin of Speed Event to Open Three Straight Races at Valvoline Raceway

Inside Line Promotions – MURRAY BRIDGE, South Australia, Australia (Jan. 9, 2017) – Dominic Scelzi is excited for his biggest Australian test to date when he will compete three straight nights at Valvoline Raceway this weekend.

Scelzi, who is driving for Wormall Motorsport, will be part of Team USA as the bullring in Sydney hosts the Origin of Speed on Thursday. Eight states and territories, including the United States, will battle it out in several main events during the unique event.

Scelzi will return to Valvoline Raceway on Friday and Saturday for the Scott Darley Challenge, which is expected to showcase nearly 100 sprint cars during the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship doubleheader.

“We are very excited to be selected to compete in the Origin of Speed before the Scott Darley Challenge,” Scelzi said. “It’s going to be a huge weekend. I’m pleased with the speed we’ve had every race so I can’t wait for the opportunities this weekend.”

Scelzi made his debut at Murray Bridge Speedway last Saturday with the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship. He qualified fourth quickest and was on pace to advance into the dash when disaster struck.

“We started third in the heat race and were up to second on the first lap,” he said. “We tracked down the leader and were battling for the lead when the leader broke. Someone was throwing a slide job on me and we had nowhere to go but into the leader. That cut our tire and we ended with a DNF, which sent us to the B Main.”

Scelzi lined up on the inside of the third row for the consolation race.

“A car in front of me messed up and I lost a few spots trying to miss him,” he said. “The car was an absolute rocket, but we just didn’t have luck on our side so it was frustrating result.”

Scelzi placed seventh to miss a transfer by only three positions.

“Thanks again to everyone at Wormall Motorsport and my brother, Giovanni,” he said. “We have had very fast cars every time out and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work.”