East Coast Successes for Casey Currie

East Coast Successes for Casey Currie
CORONA, California (August 23, 2016) – The last two weeks for Casey Currie has been filled with wins and podium finishes. Casey’s first stop on the east coast was the inaugural BFGoodrich 36 Hours of Uwharrie where he took the overall win. He followed up that win with a third place at the TORC Series race in Charlotte, NC. Two very different events, and Casey showed he can be successful in any circumstance.

The BFGoodrich 36 Hours of Uwharrie is a brand new endurance event that is meant to test its participants self-sufficiency in everything outdoors and off road. From winching with a hi-lift jack, to canoeing, to skeet shooting and completing off-road challenges, Casey and Oren, his co-driver, had their work cut out for them. After 3 grueling days of camping, challenges and competition, Casey proved that he and Oren were the most proficient at completing all of the required, and optional, tasks. Across all the competing classes, Casey finished with the most points giving him the overall win for this inaugural event.

After the event, Casey commented, “The BFGoodrich 36 Hours of Uwharrie was an incredible all-around endurance off-roading event. So different from anything I have ever done before, it is really fulfilling to accomplish all of these tasks and come away with the very first overall win! Not knowing what we were going to be asked to do, while having to camp and be completely self-sufficient the entire weekend put another twist that makes this win that much more meaningful. Now, we have to continue this into next weekend’s race in Charlotte.”

Just as he wanted to do, Casey used the positive momentum from the Uwharrie win to continue his successful run in North Carolina. Less than a week later Casey was tested on the short-course track in his Pro Lite truck at the TORC race in Charlotte. But the lack of down time between the events didn’t effect Casey in the least. In fact, it played right into his strengths – he climbed right into his Pro Lite and take home a 3rd place finish on Sunday.

“What a couple of weekends – a win at the 36 Hours of Uwharrie, then following that up with a 3rd place finish here at Charlotte just a few days later. I love having events back-to-back like that. Even though there is not much time to regroup and recuperate, I have found that I perform even better when I can stay focused on my competition. But, I still have one more event at Crandon that I need to keep focused on. Everything is clicking right now, so the Crandon World Championship event should be another big event for me!” said Casey after the Charlotte race.

In two weeks, Currie is heading to the Crandon World Championship to finish up his east coast tour on a high note. There is still much to do before Crandon, but with such success at his back, Casey will be ready and confident that he can claim that championship before returning to the west coast.