BigFoot Racing–Your 2014 Monster X Tour winner is … Larry Swim in BIGFOOT!!

Your 2014 Monster X Tour winner is … Larry Swim in BIGFOOT!!

December 19, 2014 (St. Louis, MO) – Larry Swim is your 2014 Monster X Tour Winner! It was a tough battle that was played out in 3 different parts of the country with 3 BIGFOOT drivers: Larry Swim in the West, Darron Schnell in the Midwest, and Kevin Koszala in the East.

Each driver won their respective region, but Larry had the most points overall just edging out Darron for the Championship! Kevin came in at a solid 4th Place behind West Coast competitor Bill Payne with the Rockstar truck.

With a solid year of Monster X races behind us, we are looking for another Championship in 2015, with some BIG changes for Team BIGFOOT!

Larry Swim will be competing in the Firestone BIGFOOT #18, which was piloted by Dan Runte the past 3-years. “I have seen this Truck win Championships with Runte driving, I have seen it jump over 214′ and I can’t wait to drive it!” said Swim. “And it will be fun to see how Darron competes in his new BIGFOOT!”

With the 2015 Monster X Tour coming your way, Larry added, “Let the games begin boys! We have the best team in the business behind us.”