Summit Racing–Anderson fast and steady on first day in Denver

Anderson fast and steady on first day in Denver

DENVER, Colo., July 18, 2014 – Greg Anderson admits that he was pleasantly surprised by the strong performance of the Summit Racing Camaros on the mountain in Denver at the 35th annual Mile-High NHRA Nationals. Although the Summit Racing team always has extremely high expectations, the conditions at the high-altitude Bandimere Speedway pose a serious challenge. On the first day of the event, however, Anderson and the Summit Racing team tackled the tough task and came out in a very good position. Anderson is No. 6 heading into day two of the event.

“We thought we had a good week at home, and we thought we figured out a few things, but we’ve struggled so hard at Denver before that we didn’t know we would see the gains that we saw today,” said Anderson. “I’m very pleasantly surprised. It’s a good feeling. It seems like the last six months we’ve been chiseling but just not getting anywhere. This is pretty darn cool to see both my car and Jason’s running well.”

Anderson clocked a 6.986-second run at 197.45 mph in the opening qualifying round and was immediately situated well in the field. He was No. 4 after the first session and then came back with an even better 6.972 at 197.68.

“Tomorrow is supposed to be a lot warmer, so we’ll have to see what happens,” said Anderson. “It could be tough to improve, but even if we don’t improve we’re in good spots and we know we can make our cars make better runs. We’re looking forward to the challenge.

“The thing is, tomorrow, if it does get to the mid-90s like the weather man says it should, that will give us a good tune-up for Sunday, the day that’s supposed to be the hottest yet. Today is when you’re supposed to get your qualifying spot, and then Saturday is when you work on your tune-up for Sunday and learn how to race on the racetrack. We’re looking forward to tomorrow.”