Fensport Performance Update

Toyota Sprint Series, Round 2, Woodbridge

The 2nd round of this year’s championship was held a RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk. The airfield track is a favourite amongst the drivers as it is a technical yet high speed 2.2 mile circuit with plenty of fast sections.After our  previous win at round 1 we were upbeat about overall success on the longer Woodbridge track.

The GT86R only had engine mapping and software changes, made using the Ecutek software, we have developed 3 different engine maps with low, medium and high boost levels. The car on low boost is running around 420bhp so medium and high were to be only used if needed!

The day was perfect for the rear wheel drive GT86R, 20 degrees, bright and dry and the 2 practise runs went very well. On to the 1st timed run and Adrian was only 4 corners from the end when disaster struck! The GT86R broke a rear driveshaft! It wasn’t worth continuing the run so it was straight back to the pits.

With no spare driveshaft on site, it was Jay Smith, a very very good friend, who came to the rescue loaning us his shaft from his road car!

We missed run 2 whilst the driveshaft was changed in readiness for run 3.

Adrian said

A huge thank you to Jay for lending the shaft, we couldn’t of continued without it and I was scared to break it as well. So I took it easy on run 3 just to make sure we got a time on the board! I was lifting off over any bumpy sections and was very careful on the corner where it previously broke, despite this I was so pleased to record a 2.10s run which shot us from completely last to 1st place 🙂

I’m loving driving the new version GT86R, the car is beautifully balanced and has the perfect power to grip ratio.”

With more confidence in the driveshaft Adrian continued to increase his speed and run 7 was a full 100% attack to record 2:07.28 and take the overall win 🙂


With 2 rounds down and 2 wins under our belt, we are really looking forward to round 3 which is held at Blyton Park on the 20th July.

We  have a few changes to make prior to the next round, new stronger driveshafts, a baffled sump and some improvements to the cooling system are the next modifications. If this all goes well, we may get to use one of those higher power maps!