J&M Speed– Phil Baybrooks Memorial Car Show

May 19th was the Phil Braybrooks Memorial Car Show held at J&M Speed in Riverside, CA.  Every year, we have sponsored a trophy for the Best Use of ARP fasteners plaque.  General Manager Lisa Somody has pictures of every winner placed onto the plaques, which makes them more personal for the winner, which I think is a great idea.

  This year, after reviewing over 400 cars, I picked a black 1968 Mustang fastback with a 428 FE engine.  The car is owned by Keith Paxton of Lake Arrowhead, CA and uses a huge array of our fasteners.  Just about everywhere I looked, he’d used our product.  This made the choice really easy this year.
  Because of the complexity of the engine and compartment, our bolts are a bit difficult to see in the photo, but I promise, they were all over.