Casey Currie- Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Anaheim Hills, CA (September 25, 2012) – Back in the City of Lost Wages for more than just an elusive night on The Strip, Casey Currie and team roll in to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to continue their winning streak, and leave ahead of the House, with a 1st and 2nd all-out finish.

Thursday qualifying would be easy—1st place qualifier for both Saturday’s and Sunday’s races left plenty of play time for the evening. The Off-Road Champion met up with fellow Monster Energy athletes BJ Baldwin and Kyle Leduc at Pole Position Indoor Karting Raceway to do what they do best—destroy the competition. The three off-roaders brought their competition trucks for everyone to check out, while they welcomed any challengers who were willing to lay all cards on the table and try their luck against these guys on the go-kart track.

Casey and Hoonigan BJ Ballistic Baldwin never fail to deliver non-stop, quality Hoonage. Making the transition from dirt to tire slayers for the night, the two put on an impressively smoky burnout demo in their competition trucks after the battle of the karts.

Tires warmed up from the night before, Casey had his work cut out for him in Friday’s race, when the inversion would put the 1st place qualifier in 4th to start.

“Qualifying 1st was awesome but the inversion sucks!” Casey tells us. “We had some awesome battles with RJ and Deegan and on the first turn of the very last lap I put the pressure on Deegan because I knew I could take him as soon as he made the smallest mistake. He did, we passed him by, and we took the win! This team is working right now!”

Drawing an “8” for Saturday’s inversion placed our 1st place qualifier way back in 8th position from the starting line. This draw by Casey’s spotter Davíd Castillo was good reason to hassle the long-time team member all weekend, and maybe for the rest of the season—but all in good fun.

“The inversion bit us today—we started 8th,” said Casey. “I got through the pack pretty quickly and chased down (Ryan) Beat. Once I passed him I tried everything to catch RJ but had nothing. On the last caution I got close to RJ but not close enough to make it stick. Finishing 1-2 for the weekend is awesome and the truck is ready for Antelope Valley.”