Wild Brothers Racing at Houston Mile

Wild Bros Racing attended the inaugural Houston Mile event on Saturday.  The race was held in conjunction with the Aeros and Autos Show at the Ellington Air Force Base in Houston TX.  For their first event, and due to the restraints of the airplane and car show, the race was run on a ½ mile track.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to “get back on the saddle” with the Steetbike after the little get off Billy Shoemaker had 6 weeks ago at the TX mile.

Billy’s six broken ribs are healed and the fairings of the Streetbike are nicely painted.  The one day event went very well, even with the 8” of rain that dumped on Houston the night before.  Billy preformed in top form, and the “Streetbike” did well.  We walked away with the “Fastest Motorcycle Award” with a 209.1 on this ½ mile course.  We are happy with the win but the power and speed were way down on the Bike.  The Bike is being serviced to see why the speed was down 15-20mph.
Bill Warner and the “Racebike” are still recovering from the October accident.  Still shooting for the June 2/3rd Wilmington race.  Bill’s left hand still needs some work and strengthening.