Line Zeroing in on Multiple Targets in Topeka

Line Zeroing in on Multiple Targets in Topeka

Mooresville, N.C., May 15, 2012 – This weekend, Summit Racing driver Jason Line will head to Topeka, Kansas looking to accomplish two goals with one primary action.  Naturally, as he does at every stop on the Full Throttle Drag Racing circuit, he enters this weekend’s Dollar General NHRA Summernationals with full intentions of winning.  Should he do so, it will not only be his second victory of the 2012 season, but also his first professional win at Heartland Park Topeka, adding to his successes achieved there in the sportsman ranks.

“Heartland Park Topeka and I have a long history together,” said Line.  “In fact, I raced my Stocker at the first event held there, when they were still pouring concrete when we rolled through the gates.  I also won a points meet in Topeka.  But for reasons I can’t quite explain, that success has yet to translate over to my Pro Stock car, something we’re more than ready to change.

“If there ever was a time that we had a car capable of winning the race, it would have to be right now.   My Summit Racing Pontiac has been extremely strong all year, so I feel there is a good possibility we are going fix any issues we’ve had with Kansas in the past this weekend.”

However, the reigning Pro Stock champion knows his path to the Heartland Park Topeka winner’s circle will include challenges beyond mastering the racing surface, whose tricky nature will only be magnified by the warm temperatures forecast for this weekend.  In addition to another tightly packed Pro Stock field, Line and his KB Racing crew will need to deliver the same consistent performance on race day that they have shown in qualifying, where their four No. 1 qualifying positions double those of their nearest competitor.

After seven races, Line’s record in 2012 is something most of his rivals would aspire to, with one win in two final round appearances, four finishes of the semifinals or better and a second-place positioning in the Full Throttle standings (behind only his teammate Greg Anderson).  Even so, with improvement still possible, the quiet-spoken North Carolina racer continues to set his expectations at a very high level.

“The way things have gone this year, it would almost be better if we raced on Saturday (when qualifying is normally held),” joked Line.  “Obviously to win this weekend, we will need a total effort, with four good runs, four good lights and no mistakes, which we haven’t been able to do since Phoenix.  We’ve been close to getting it done, including Atlanta two weeks ago, but just came up a hundredth shy against our teammate in the final.

“I know there are many people who would be more than happy to have our Summit Racing team’s record so far, and would gladly trade places with us.  However, without trying to sound cocky or arrogant, we are only satisfied when we win.  By the same token, as soon as one race is over, no matter how we’ve done, we put it behind us and start working on the next one.  For example, when we pull into Heartland Park this weekend, we’re not going to worry about how we did there in the past or even what happened at the last race.  Our focus will be solely on doing whatever it takes to get our Pontiac back to the winners’ circle on Sunday.  It’s about time I took a Topeka Wally home.”