Casey Currie at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

Anaheim Hills, CA (April 25, 2012) – Loading up the Monster Energy/General Tire/Nissan Pro Lite, off road driver Casey Currie and crew set out to conquer a new stop in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series—Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park—a track with big airs and even bigger energy in the crowd. With expectations high, and the truck and team in unison running strong, Casey and team knew this track would launch some drivers onto the podium, and send others back to the pits.

“Saturday’s race started off so strong,” explains Casey. “A 3rd row start, and moving to 2nd position quick, I battled for the lead the entire first half of the race. The second half turned rough once the track was watered down—going into the right-hander someone drove up my inside and used me as the berm, resulting in a flat tire and the end of my chance at a win or even the podium.”

That’s racing—no looking back, so the team pulled together and shifted focus to Sunday after Saturday’s disheartening finish. Casey and team made the necessary tweaks to the Pro Lite and took her back out on Sunday with confidence.

“Starting in 7th position on Sunday, I moved into 5th right away. The top 5 battled hard, and then once again, without fail, my bad luck struck again after the mid-way caution. I took the left-hander after the tabletop hard, and was struck by another truck sending me into the K-rail, having to then limp my way to the finish.”

It’s pretty clear that racing is in the Currie blood when weekends like this don’t get Casey down—they only fuel his fire. One thing about being born into racing: you tend to have many ways of doing things, and usually a secret weapon or two up your sleeve. Casey plans to have his secret weapon ready to romp before the next race, while we sit in anticipation wondering what Casey and his team could possibly be planning.