Matt Lennen Update

Hello again – just another quick update, we literally just got back in from testing at Maryland International Raceway.  Ran tonight from 8pm-1am, track condition was excellent.
Our second track appearance drew the attention of everyone at the track.  Made a handful of passes tonight, just about all of them on the lowest boost setting – when I tried upping the boost the car started misfiring pretty bad.  I’ll address that this week with some new coil packs and replacing old questionable wires on the harness.  No crazy times yet, as I was fighting traction issues all evening.  The powerband on this car is absolutely outrageous.  Again the track condition/prep was excellent, the power just kicks on so fast its overpowering the tires, this is NOT a bad thing, in fact the problem for most factory automatic cars is just the opposite – we just need to figure out how to get that power to stick to the pavement.
Ran a handful of 9.4-9.6 passes, all with weak 60fts – 2 of these passes are notable:
9.45x@149.xx – 1.56 60ft – 28psi boost (lowest setting, ~800whp)– feathering the throttle
9.55x@150.86 – 1.57 60ft – 28psi boost until the 1/8th mile, 38psi after (manually operated switch to turn on boost controller) – 50% throttle until the 1/8th mile, 100% throttle after, breaking up bad/horribly misfiring the last 1/8th.
The previous best was 9.308@146.94mph with a 1.45 60ft, at 36-37psi boost (when the car dyno’d 762whp) – the 9.45 run would have been ~9.25 with last years 60ft, and probably into the 9.1x range without the feathering of the throttle.  The 9.5 run is pretty crazy considering the 50% throttle, breaking up, and weak 60ft.  We’re up 4mph with much lower boost.  I was able to get some good log data from these passes to look over this weekend.
The next day at the track will be in one week, a private rental at MIR.  The rental runs 9am-5pm, and followed by an open test and tune 6pm-1am – we will be there until we find the right combo for the launch.   I will be taking care of the misfiring issues this week and testing a few different sets of tires.  The factory automatic transmission record for the Supra is 8.9, that is about to be crushed.