Andoni Mugarza–2020 Basque Hill Climb Championship

I wanted to share my joy with you and all ARP team, because we have won the title for another year. We have been proclaimed champions  of the 2020 Basque Hill Climb Championship in our group.
Despite the pandemic, the Motor Sport Federation organized a mini-championship with three meetings in different locations. In each of them we will dispute the training sessions and two races, obtaining 6 different scores for the final classification.
In the first race in August we had a technical problem with a fuel injector and this did not allow us to get the maximum of our vehicle. We had problems all the weekend and this made us work and fight only for second place.We knew the potential of our team and we weren’t worried about the result because we knew that when the problem was solved the car would be really competitive.
This is what happened in the second round, in which we dominated the entire weekend from the practice round. We knew that the injection problem was solved and the car was the same as always. For me I ran on my favorite mountain road ( maximum speed corners mountain road). In both races we won our category and also we classified ahead of other superior vehicles like BMW M3..
A hard job for all the team the week before the race gave us a perfect set-up for that track allowing us to get a new record, breaking the chrono of other competitors with more powerfull cars.
We were class leaders in the absence of the last and decisive race. We were very hopeful and eager to end the season with another win so we worked hard in the week before to prepare the car with the best set-up for Urraki mountain race.We started dominating the practice but in the absence of a few riders to finish, a tragic news from security marshals broke our hearts. One of the competitor and a partner lost his life in the middle of the course due to the serious accident. A front collision with a wall near the mountain road seriously damaged his vehicle, causing the pilot to die instantly from the deceleration
Immediately the federation and organization canceled the tragic race, so the classifications do not receive any change proclaiming us category champions of this 2020 yea
We are very sad by the loss of our friend but at the same time we are very hopeful about the next season. I think we have the potential to achieve good results and in part that is due to the support I receive from all of you with. Your performance materials gives me security and tranquility to be able to demand the maximum from my engine building and fight in each race for the top positions.
I am very proud to be able to belong to a brand like ARP and I hope to continue contributing to that in future seasons. For it we will not stop working hard despite the fact that sometimes our eyes fill with tear.

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