Fensport Racing–Toyota Sprint Series, Round 3, Blyton Park


The 3rd round of the Toyota Sprint Series saw the Fensport GT86R claim the top spot once again 🙂

Team Fensport were as busy as ever getting the car ready, this time working on engine cooling and temperatures before the event. A Mishimoto low temperature thermostat and revised fan control settings have lowered overall temps, meaning more power can now be available safely. The car is still running with a standard engine and boost pressure is now at 1 bar.
After the teams first 2 wins of the year, expectations were high as was pressure to get the best out of the car.

The track at Blyton was a brand new layout this time around with only 2 very short straights, the rest was corners!

” The course is just so challenging, there is never a chance to rest and the GT86R is just incredible through the bends, the “G” force you can pull in the long sweeping bends is almost mind blowing! We’ll just adjust the tyre pressures fine tune the suspension settings, and we’ll be ready for the timed runs”

Team confidence was high and the first timed run saw the GT86R top the time sheets with a 1:09.39 some 3 seconds clear of our rival Andy McCormack in his GT4 Celica. Adrian was not content as he knew the others would get faster so he pushed the GT86R through the next 4 runs to record a 1:08.39 and take the win by 2.1s.